Best Surrogacy Centre in Mumbai With High Success Rate 2022 – Shinefertility

Best Surrogacy Centre in Mumbai With High Success Rate 2022 – Shinefertility

What is surrogacy, and how does it work?

Surrogacy is a form of third-party reproduction in which a woman consents to carry a pregnancy for the intended parents who cannot conceive for medical reasons or those who are a gay couple.

There are two forms of surrogacy: traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. Traditional surrogacy uses the surrogate mother’s egg for conception. In contrast, gestational surrogacy is performed by transferring embryos made through IVF with eggs from the intended mother or a donor. Thus, the advent of IVF has assisted Gestational Surrogacy. However, pregnancy and gestation involve psychological burdens and health risks for the surrogate mother. Moreover, the legal procedures for parenthood following surrogacy are complicated due to the typical legal assumption that a woman giving birth to a child is the legitimate mother of the child. Therefore, a surrogate mother must formally abandon parental authority, and the intended parents then adopt the child born.

Surrogacy centres in Mumbai

Shinefertility is a Surrogacy Centre in Mumbai that provides the finest infertility treatments to patients, clients, and couples who dream of welcoming their child into this world but fail to do so. Their reasons can be many, and we have solutions for all. Here, we offer excellent solutions for your infertility problems, and our prime aim is to support each patient with a gratifying outcome. Every couple who dreams of having their own family deserves to have that, and we at Shinefertility support you in fulfilling your parenthood dream.

Shinefertility has the finest IVF specialists and a list of hospitals with excellent success rates in infertility treatments, especially through IVF. We at Shinefertility offer our clients absolute certainty in the pricing system so that the treatment can be suitable and affordable for each patient.

Why Choose Shinefertility?

We at Shinefertility assist and supervise our patients; plus, we also associate with great infertility clinics and hospitals with a great success rate in infertility treatments, especially through IVF. Our team will be with you during the whole treatment procedure, bracing you to achieve your desire to have your children.

Surrogacy Success Rate

Surrogacy success rate increases if the egg and sperm are from young Donors, healthier individuals with no major health issues in their past or current medical history. It also helps if both individuals are non-smokers. Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) with gestational carriers has a 99% success rate for a healthy birth with a donor egg, 70% with self gametes, and 80% with donor sperms. See the pie chart below about Surrogacy success rates in Mumbai:

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